GBGBR_PandyWhat is Rescue?
Occasionally someone finds that they cannot or do not wish to continue sharing their home with a Newfoundland dog.  In other cases, concerned individuals report an animal in need to animal control personnel who intervene and take control of a dog that needs help.  The Newfoundland Club of America and some of its affiliated Regional Clubs as well as a few private charity organizations provide a service to take in and find permanent homes for these dogs  

What happens to these dogs? 
They are placed in foster homes where they are evaluated for health and behavior problems and then placed in permanent homes.  Permanent homes are selected based upon the best interests of the dog.  For instance, a dog that has a problem with small animals would never be placed in a home with cats or rabbits. 

Who takes care of these dogs?Lance_flip
There are many organizations that take in Newfoundlands in need of a home.  In western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue is an established rescue operation with a great reputation.  They have saved the lives of countless Newfoundlands and other giant breeds.  Penn-Ohio has joined forces with Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue to support and provide health care for Newfoundlands in need in the Western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio areas of the country. Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue is located in Western Pennsylvania and accepts giant dog breeds.  You get the latest information on their Facebook page or can reach Noreen or Rich of Gentle Ben’s at

Penn-Ohio also supports the efforts of South Central Newfoundland Rescue in their efforts to help those dogs in need in western Ohio. You can find out more about them on their website

The Newfoundland Club of America Rescue Network will also work with individuals or other rescue groups to ensure that every Newfoundland dog in need of a home can find one.

You may also find other dogs in need of a home at the following locations:

Newfoundland Rescue Resources

Newfoundland Club of AmericaAll U.S.
Colonial Newfoundland ClubMD, VA, WV, & DC
Genesee Region Newfoundland ClububWestern NY
Heart of America Newfoundland ClubKS, Western MO, N.East OK, S.West IA , S.East NE.
High Country Newfoundland Club CO, NM, UT, WY
NewPennDel Newfoundland ClubNJ,DE, Eastern PA
Newfoundland Club of FloridaFL
Newfoundland Club of New EnglandVT, NH, ME, MA, CT, and RI
Newfoundland Club of Northern CaliforniaNorthern CA, Northern NV
Newfoundland Club of San DiegoCA, San Diego up to Los Angeles
Newfoundland Club of SeattleWA
Newfoundland Club of Southern CaliforniaSouthern CA, Los Angeles to AZ
North Central Newfoundland ClubWI, Eastern IA, Northern IL
Northstar Newfoundland ClubMN, Upper WI
Old West Newfoundland ClubTX
River King Newfoundland ClubMid & Southern IL
South Central Newfoundland ClubIN, KY, Western OH, Southern IL
South Eastern Newfoundland ClubNC, SC, GA, AL