Becoming a member:


Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club (PONC) is a regional dog club affiliated with the Newfoundland Club of America which is the AKC parent club for the Newfoundland dog.

The types of activities sponsored by PONC are driven by the support and participation of its members. Over the years, the club’s focus has shifted from being primarily a conformation club concerned with breeding and showing dogs to supporting the activities that emphasize the working attributes of the breed. More recently, as the membership’s interests have become more varied, there has been support for all facets of owning, training, showing and/or just enjoying living with Newfoundland dogs.

PONC is an organization that was formed to assist you attain your goals in finding, caring for, training and/or showing your Newfoundland dogs. To become a member of PONC, you must be willing to contribute to the club through the donation of some of your time and/or skills in support of whatever club activities you would like to assist the club with, whether it is working on a newsletter, helping out at club events or some of the other tasks that are required to maintain an active club.

Applicants must complete an application and get a sponsor from existing club members. Next, your name will be published in the quarterly Hotspot for comments from the membership and then finally the board will vote at their next meeting. We encourage you to join us at any of our events and introduce yourself to our members. You do not have to be a member to participate in our events. There may be fees associated with some events.

We have attempted to make the process of becoming a member of PONC as effortless as possible, but you must agree that your membership requires a commitment; you must agree to join us in our efforts to ensure the Newfoundland dog of the future is THE “Gentle Giant” breed, who with our help is capable of fulfilling it’s heritage whether it is being the ultimate home companion and pet to your children, a high performance working dog, a winner on the conformation show circuit or a therapy dog that visits the local schools or hospitals or a combination of all of these. The Newfoundland is capable of doing all or just one of these tasks. They will depend upon you to guide them.

The Board and Officers of the Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club are dedicated to making this club an effective organization in sponsoring and supporting activities related to Newfoundland dogs. Please feel free to contact anyone on the Board to express your concerns if you feel the club, its Officers, Directors or its members are not contributing to these goals. Contacts